The Reseller Spreadsheet


Gain insight into your reselling business at the click of a mouse!
With a handy Stats page, you will be able to see how you are performing over the course of a year. See relevant data such as: Average Sales Price, Gross Profit, Profit Margins & more!
Automated so you don’t have to touch a calculator!
Formulas are already built into relevant cells which means all you have to do is enter sales data and let the spreadsheet take care of the rest!
Customizable to better fit your needs!
Don’t see a stat or platform you utilize? Add them in! The beauty of this spreadsheet is while it is more than a good enough start to understanding your reselling business, it is fully customizable so you can fine-tune it to better fit your needs.
Not computer savvy? We are here to help!
We provide multiple modules with videos to help with the onboarding process. With the supplemental instructional videos provided, you will be up and running in no time!
Gain access to a community full of like-minded resellers!
When you purchase the spreadsheet you will gain access to a private forum of resellers who want to take their business to the next level. There you can introduce yourself, ask questions, and provide help to other resellers who purchased the spreadsheet!