The Reseller Spreadsheet

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What happens when the month changes and now my goals and projections don't make sense?

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Tutorial Structure

1 Chapter


Spreadsheet Introduction 3 Lessons

Getting Started plus Basic Sheets Functions

In this lesson we go over how to download the sheets file, save as Google Sheets to access the proper functions, and go over popular shortcuts that will help make your spreadsheet experience easier and more efficient. 

Spreadsheet Metrics and Meaning

In this video we go over the spreadsheet and what metrics it measures. We also go over why we think they are important and what insights they can provide you into your reselling business. 


Onboarding 2 Lessons

Onboarding Current Inventory From Poshmark

This lesson is for those who have a Poshmark closet. This video will help you transfer over your current inventory as well as your past sales stats to help paint a fuller picture of your reselling business. 

Starting from Scratch

This lesson will be for those who are completely new to reselling and does not currently have any listings online to import into their spreadsheet.

Modifications 2 Lessons

Add Another Reselling Platform to Track

In this video, we will go over how to add another reselling platform to our spreadsheet so we can track our information from that platform. In this example, we add the reselling platform Depop, however, you can add whichever platform you use following the same steps.

Create a New Sheet for a New Year

In this video, we go over how to create a new spreadsheet for a new year. This spreadsheet is meant to track a year's data at a time, and thus the formulas need to be altered for the following year. Instead of purchasing another spreadsheet or downloading the next year's update which would require you to re-onboard, you can implement these simple changes to successfully transition into the new year. 

Troubleshooting 3 Lessons

Poshmark Bundles

In this lesson we go over the potential problems you may run into when you sell a Poshmark bundle. By implementing these solutions, you can ensure your data is the most accurate moving forward.

Ebay Earnings

In this lesson, we go over the headache that is Ebay and their earnings report. We help you navigate their shortcomings to ensure your earnings are accurate on your spreadsheet.

My On Track to Make Doesn’t Make Sense

What happens when the month changes and now my goals and projections don't make sense?