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Welcome to the Poshmark Reseller Course! In this video, we will go over the various course modules and what you will get out of consuming its contents. 


The Three Business Models

In this video, we will go over the three different business models that the majority of resellers operate within and the implications of each.

The Pros and Cons

Not every business model operates in the same capacity so In this video we go over the pros and cons of both the Low COGS model and the High ASP model.

Which Model Works for You?

In this video, we discuss the different advantages and constraints you should take into consideration when choosing your business model.

Niching Down

You can't be an expert at everything. In this video, we go over how specialization can increase your expertise as well as make your processes more efficient.

3 Lessons

Reseller Math

Math & Business Terms You Should Know

In this module, we are going to cover some basic reseller math. We will clarify various misconceptions as well as provide some helpful applications. But first, we introduce the different metrics and what they mean.

Clarifications & Misinterpretations

In this video, we further clarify a few key business terms and how to calculate them.

How to Apply to Your Business

In this video, we go over an example of how we can apply our reseller math by reverse-engineering a profit goal.

4 Lessons


The Importance of Research

In this module we will go over the various types of research resellers should do in order to gain an edge in the marketplace and mitigate risk.

Historical Research

Gain a better understanding of an item’s demand based off of past performance. In this video, we will discuss the importance of historical research, how to conduct it as well its application.

Research With Me

I take you along with me as I demonstrate how to conduct research for your reselling business.

Forecasting Research

In this video, we cover why it may not be enough to rely solely on historical research, and how forecasting research is necessary for the more trend-conscious consumer.

6 Lessons


Sourcing Introduction

In this module, we go over ALL THINGS SOURCING! We breakdown how the most fun, exhilarating part of reselling is also where most resellers struggle. So to help combat poor decision making, we go over how to be more efficient, strategic, and how to craft a game plan that can reduce impulse buys.

Where to Source

Different sourcing opportunities are available to you depending on your business model. In this video, we cover the different sourcing strategies that work within the framework you established in previous modules.

How to Source Efficiently

In this video, we go over a popular fallacy that plagues resellers everywhere and how avoiding it can make you a more efficient sourcer.

How to Identify Quality Items

We will always run into brands we don’t know. So in this video, we cover how to identify quality items that are actually worth looking up comps for.

Realtime Research aka Checking Comps

This video is all about real-time research. No matter how experienced you are, checking comps is the most vital step in assessing whether or not an item is worth picking up.

Developing a Game Plan

Putting it all together, here we discuss the importance of a game plan and how to craft one. This is what separates the average reseller from the exceptional.


Reexamining Your Relationship with Poshmark

Poshmark is not your bff. So while we are all about #poshlove, in this video we reevaluate our relationship with the platform in order to maximize OUR business.

7 Lessons


Introduction to Listing

Grab a beverage and buckle up. This is going to be a LONG one. But I promise you, it is long for a reason. Although it may not be as fun or as flashy as sourcing, a significant portion of success as a reseller comes down to this. So we cover every aspect of listing to ensure that you have the highest chance of success when it comes to selling on Poshmark.

Listing Goals and How to Accomplish Them

What are we actually trying to achieve when listing on Poshmark? This video discusses how accomplishing these goals will give you an upper hand when listing.

The Title

The most important aspect of your listing. It does you no good sourcing amazing items if no one knows they exist. This video will remedy that situation.

The Description

Ran out of real estate in your title? Descriptions can help with that. Learn how you can get the most out of your descriptions to convert potential buyers into paying customers.

The Photos

After your title, the next most important element of a listing. Cover photos essentially determine your click through rate. Find out how to ensure that people will want to know more about your item.

The Dropdowns

This video goes over the various dropdown menus that Poshmark provides and how to get the most out of them.

How to Price Your Items

Last but definitely not least, we go over pricing. There is a lot more nuance to pricing than you may think, we are going to reevaluate how we price in order to maximize our profits.


Strategically Utilizing Poshmark’s Features to Increase Sales

Although Sourcing and Listing will do a lot of the heavy lifting, there is still a lot you can do to further maximize your profits as a reseller. In this module, we discuss the various tools that Poshmark provides from the absolutely essential to the ridiculously worthless.


Introduction to Inventory Management

In this module, we go over how we physically store our inventory as well as digitally track our items. We further discuss our metrics and how there may be more than meets the eye when combing over the data.

Physical Storage

It is time to get seriously organized! Even if you feel like your closet is small, there are benefits to creating a storage system.

Digital Tracking

In this video we further breakdown our metrics and how to track them so you can better understand your reselling business. We also have a spreadsheet for purchase that will do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Data Interpretations

Now that you have collected all of this data, what can you do with it? Data interpretation is a skill that must be honed over time. We provide you with examples from our own reselling journey to demonstrate how, if taken at face value, analytics can lead you to the wrong solutions.


How to Handle Cases, Returns, and Odd Questions

Many things can go wrong as a reseller, but rest assured that with these simple tips and tricks, you can approach these issues as the minor inconveniences they are.

1 Lesson


Outro and Exit Survey

This is the end! We commend you for your efforts, but we need a little bit more! Please fill out this exit survey so we can improve the course. Remember you will have access to all future updates so let us know your thoughts!


How to Find Style Names

In our first bonus video, we are reviewing how to find style names (and potentially stock photos, descriptions, etc). Finding the style name is important for checking comps, adding style names and details to our listings, and also for online consignment opportunities. In this video, we look for style names together of some of the most frustrating brands including & Other Stories, Anthropologie & Lovers + Friends.