My name is

Mogi Beth

I'm a reseller, entrepreneur & six-figure business owner who teaches business strategies and frameworks that maximize profits and minimize time wasted.

Reselling Is What I Know

From selling vintage knick knacks on Etsy at the age of 16 to now running a six-figure, multi-platform reselling business, reselling is my expertise. Using entrepreneurial business practices acquired from attending a top business school (NYU Stern) and working in various startups...

I've developed a scalable business framework that allows me to make more money while working less. And I want to share that with you!

Whether you're just now reselling or your sales are starting to stagnate--you have two options: take the long, winding road of learning by trial and error (which is what I did) or learn from someone who has experience & can fast track your progress with skills, strategies and know-how (which is way more efficient). After 4+ years of selling on Poshmark, I can expedite your growth, help you maximize profits while minimizing time wasted. Let's get started!

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